Creative Teaching and Learning

For Schools and Colleges

Education is the most critical and cared component of modern society. As the society has evolved from a primitive socio-cultural upbringing to a present complex environment, diversity of knowledge, skills and specialization has grown to a significant amount. Thus, Parents' expectations are ever-growing and they are willing to invest for special care and attention a child gets.

Society needs more open, broad and creative learners for developments. The school needs to prepare the child to take challenges to solve problem of any magnitude through creativity, collaboration and cooperation among the peer groups.

Classrooms must be designed and run with creative thinking to add collective responsibilities among children.

As such, modern schools must be technology-driven,with well-maintained and up to date database for fact-based decision making in part of the school management.

As modern-day educated parents, parents to intend to indulge more actively into their children's learning and academic growth, to evaluate monitor and supervise their children's learning.

A decade in the education industry throughout Nepal has made us realize that the academic syllabus of school in Nepal must meet the demands of students, parents and society as a whole.

Thus, making them all-round personality which will compete in the global standards with locally available resources and experiences.

Creative Teaching acknowledges and assists the students of Nepal to master required knowledge in the given time span. Thus preparing the students for a competitive future.