Axon System Services

ICT Management, Consulting and Deployment Services

ICT Deployment Services:

We cater to different deployment services to harness the advantage of FLOSS technology so that organizations can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in their IT investment. We deploy from basic Operating system to Real-time complex business application to harness the advantage of investing in IT infrastructure.

ICT and management Consultancy

ICT and Management Consultancy at Axon System offers its clients the services of procurement, capacity building, recruitment and infrastructure development services. Apart from the regular, IT needs we also provide a proven ERP system for the integrated business management as well. Everything we do has one basic concern in mind is that we got to make the technology solutions more cost-effective while without compromising in the quality of the services that it delivers.

ICT Development and Customization of applications:

Based on the requirement of the client, we develop custom-built software and web application. We regularly insist to use upon the proven systems so that clients need not invest heavy development cost for the development of the technology from scratch. As part of our development initiative, we provide several choices to our customer from the FLOSS technology to cater to the need of the specific circumstances that clients are looking at. And, to meet the requirement we customize them so that clients can use such technology to the best of their requirements.

ICT Education and Training

As FLOSS technology is newer to the Nepali market, we also provide the training solutions to the target audiences. It could be the students who come to the IT industry in later years, it could be the IT support staff who is always working to get the IT to meet the business needs or it could also be anyone who wants to learn about IT to take advantage of such as technologies in their professional needs.

Training And Capacity Building

Today management is big, vague and complex. Due to the explosion of information based around and doubling of such findings every two years and less. It seems to be difficult to comprehend the knowledge-base. And, specialized knowledge-base in every arena of the workforce, even a slightest of the idea been ignited makes a difference to the highly competitive market place.

Even a very complicated phenomenon has some simple rules to bind them. We can, however, only demystifying such complexity with the wider understanding of cross-disciplinary wisdom. Thus, this is our effort at Axon System to bring our understanding of the management and business world to the fellow corporate houses in the country.